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WP2 – Methodology for conditioned radioactive waste characterization: problematic wastes and R&D proposal


WP2 aims to identify current methodologies and short-comings for the characterization of conditioned radioactive waste in Europe.

This work is based on inputs from end-users such as Waste Management Organisations, waste producers and storage operators.

This work will focus on the following waste forms (IAEA classification):

  • Very Low Level Waste (VLLW)
  • Low Level Waste (LLW)
  • Intermediate Level Waste (ILW)
  • High Level Waste (HLW)


The Task 2.1 objective is to collect end-users requirements in terms of characterization, especially links and overlaps between these requirements and waste specifications for different national disposals.

A questionnaire will be prepared and sent to End-User Group members. It will be used to collate information on:

    • key parameters that need characterization and uncertainties assessment
    • technologies commonly used for conditioned waste characterization
    • specific problematic issues for the characterization of conditioned radioactive waste
    • knowledge and technology gaps for radioactive waste package characterization methodologies

Answers will be analyses and a synthesis will be prepared.

The Task 2.2 objective is, on the basis of the outcomes of Task 2.1, to identify the R&D needs on characterization of conditioned radioactive waste. A description of the existing techniques, applicability and limits will be presented as well as a R&D programme proposition to develop and evaluate innovative technologies complementing current characterization techniques and providing supplementary quality control of conditioned waste, according to end-users requirements.


D2.1       End-user-group questionnaire

D2.2       Synthesis of commonly used methodology for conditioned radioactive characterization

D2.3       R&D requests in the field of conditioned radioactive characterization

Partners involved

Leader: Andra


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