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The institute of nuclear chemistry and technology

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Description of the organization and its main tasks

INCT is the most recognised institution in Poland in the fields of nuclear chemistry, radiochemistry, radiation chemistry, nuclear chemical engineering and technology. The other fields of expertise include application of nuclear methods in material engineering and process engineering, radioanalytical techniques, design and production of measurement instruments based on nuclear techniques, environmental research, radiobiology and radioprotection. The results of work done at the INCT have been implemented in various branches of the national economy, particularly in industry, medicine, environmental protection and agriculture. With nine electron accelerators in operation and with a staff experienced in the field of electron beam application, the INCT is one of the most advanced centres of science and technology in this domain.

The institute has four pilot plants equipped with six electron accelerators: for radiation sterilization of medical devices and tissue grafts; for radiation modification of polymers; for removal of SO2 and NOx from flue gases and for food hygienisation. The institute trains International Atomic Energy Agency’s fellows and plays a leading role in Agency’s regional projects. Because of its achievements, the INCT has been nominated “the IAEA’s collaborating centre in radiation technology and industrial dosimetry”.

The INCT is a leading institution in Poland regarding the implementation of nuclear energy related EU projects. Its expertise and infrastructure was the basis for participation in several EURATOM and FP7 grants. The organization is preparing to play a role of TSO in the Polish nuclear energy programme, offering the expertise in radioprotection and biological dosimetry; radioactive waste treatment and disposal; coolant and fuel chemistry; novel nuclear fuel cycles (including GEN IV reactors) – front and back end; materials for present and novel reactor systems; environmental monitoring of nuclear facilities; measurement and control devices for NPP and nuclear laboratories; education and training of the staff; public information; collaborative projects with stakeholders offering interaction between “the technical and the social” approaches. The researchers of INCT work in consortia developing projects on selection of the site for a new near-surface repository for low and intermediate radioactive waste and on scenario of closing up Rozan repository. 

The INCT’s main infrastructure consists of 9 electron accelerators, radiochemistry laboratories equipped with hot cell and glove boxes, technological  halls with pilot installations (research installations for nuclear materials and radioactive waste processing), high activity gamma sources, EPR spectrometers, dosimetric systems, pilot plant for flue gas treatment, single crystal x-ray diffractometer, TGA-DTA analysers, TOC analysers, isotope ratio MS, ICP-MS ELAN DRC II, liquid chromatographs (HPLC Perkin Elmer, HPLC, Shimadzu), gas chromatographs, ion chromatographs, atomic absorption spectrometers, FTIR and UV-vis spectrophotometers, liquid scintillation alpha and beta counters, HPGE detectors, gamma counters, multi-channel gamma analysers, thin layer chromatography analysers (TLC) with radiometric gamma detector, electron microscopes, autoclaves, laminar chambers, and others. 

Role, responsibilities and activities within the Project

Contribution to elaboration of the strategy of waste characterization on the basis of the own experience and literature studies. Collecting the state-of-the arts methods for characterization, especially for problematic waste like irradiated graphite, identifying end-users requirements.

Dissemination of the project results among stakeholders in Poland; evaluation of possibilities of implementation of the methods for characterization of predisposed waste in the programs of development of new RW repositories in Poland.

Contact persons


g [dot] zakrzewska [at] ichtj [dot] waw [dot] pl


a [dot] miskiewicz [at] ichtj [dot] waw [dot] pl

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