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  • 25 January '21

    CHANCE project was presented in CHANCE and PREDIS workshops

    The CHANCE project was presented in the EU-H2020 SHARE Decommissioning on-line workshop, which was held December 1-3, 2020, and in an on-line webinar of the EU-H2020 PREDIS Work Package 7 dealing with “Innovations in cemented waste package monitoring and storage” on January 19, 2021.

  • CHANCE NEWS Prolongation 2021
    09 November '20

    CHANCE project extended to December 2021

    In order to cope  with the impact of the covid-19 crisis, CHANCE launched an amendment with the European Commission to change the total duration of the Grant Agreement from 48 to 54 months.

    This amendment has been approved, meaning that the CHANCE project will now end at 2021-11-30.

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